How Much to Tip the House Cleaner – For a Job Well Done!
how much to tip the house cleaner | Muffetta house cleaning service

How Much to Tip the House Cleaner

how much to tip the house cleaner | Muffetta house cleaning service

Hiring a house cleaning service is the simplest method to keep your home immaculate without wasting your precious spare time. Everyone knows that doing this will save them time and energy, but one aspect could be unclear to some homeowners: how much to tip the house cleaner? Or how often should you do this?

The short answer is that tips are never expected, but other considerations should assist you in determining whether to tip your housekeeper or maid and how much to do so. To help you make selections, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to tipping your house cleaner.

When and how much to tip cleaners depends on several variables, including the service you select and how frequently the cleaner visits your home.

how much to tip weekly house cleaner | Muffetta house cleaning service

How Much to Tip the House Cleaner - Factors to consider

Although it’s unnecessary, tipping your housekeeper is usually appreciated. But there are some situations where tipping is more appropriate than others. For instance, some cleaning companies already include a tip in their usual charges, so unless there is a specific case, there is no need to offer a tip on top of that.

To tip a professional house cleaner, consider the following aspects.

Cleaning companies versus independent contractors

If you are trying to figure out how much to tip house cleaners for a deep cleaning, the cleaning company’s size is likely the first thing to consider. Or are you hiring a self-employed person who runs their own business rather than a huge cleaning company with many employees? The best house cleaners can set their rates and refuse to negotiate with a more prominent organization.

They most likely already included tips in their fee in this instance. However, since they cannot negotiate rates and only receive a portion of the cash, cleaning company employees may benefit from tips. You might find this information helpful in making your tip-giving decision.

Study the Cleaning Staff's Tipping Guidelines

Consider leaving a tip for the housekeeper in addition to the amount previously agreed upon if you believe that the service provider is performing well and merits recognition. Customers who tip housekeepers may receive better rates or other benefits, such as free services, as some businesses’ incentives.

Most individuals won’t leave anything if it isn’t mentioned in advance; therefore, many cleaning companies pay their employees more than usual to avoid having too many bills from one client. However, other businesses might recoup all or a portion of their costs by awarding bonuses upon achieving specific objectives.

how much to tip monthly cleaning lady | Muffetta house cleaning service

Wondering how much to tip the weekly house cleaner? Know that some cleaning businesses might include tips in their base prices. The service agreement in this scenario needs to be very specific about how the prices are calculated and whether the tip is included. However, some businesses could even forbid their employees from accepting tips. Don’t hesitate to ask the firm if you have questions about their tipping policy. You might learn about other clients and their advice while doing this.

Quality of cleaning service provided

Make sure you’re satisfied with the caliber of work because you probably won’t want to tip a cleaner who didn’t do a very good job cleaning your house. Consider giving them a tip for their hard work if they have done a terrific job. Do not be hesitant to express your dissatisfaction with their job politely. Most cleaners want you to be delighted with their work; therefore, they frequently return and complete the task to your standards.

We often get the question- how much to tip the house cleaner? You should consider the kind of service you requested when determining how frequently you should tip your cleaner. Are you wondering how much to tip a house cleaner for a deep clean? If you only wanted a one-time cleaning, such as a kitchen cleaning, and you didn’t want regular cleaning, you might choose to tip once or not at all. However, if you requested multiple cleanings, you can tip after each one is finished or after the first one; some customers prefer to tip after the first and the last cleaning session.

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Condition of your home

At least for those dropping in from a cleaning service, a 10%-12% tip has become the general rule of thumb or the “standard” for tipping on each clean; however, that only applies to “standard” cleaning. Consider the following. How much to tip house cleaners for a deep clean? You can have a difficult task while your bedroom or kitchen is filthy and disorganized. Or perhaps your vacation home has been dusted from being unoccupied for several months. If so, even though it’s not customary for you, you could choose to tip your house cleaners and maybe even tip them a little more than the customary 20%.

Size of the house

Most people spend between $200-300 on cleaning a typical three-bedroom, two-bathroom home once a week when using a housekeeping service.

$20+ is a typical and occasionally anticipated gratuity, supposing the industry standard of 20% that other service-based workers earn, this would be a little less than that standard of other service industries. Some cleaning companies will even suggest this tip in your invoice or when you make your reservation.

Depending on your neighborhood and if your home is a little bigger (over 2,500 square feet), the cost of a single cleaning may exceed $300. On the one hand, some homeowners believe this cost is high and only feel obligated to pay an additional fee for above-average work. However, a bigger property necessitates more work, so perhaps tipping is a considerate gesture, especially if it isn’t mentioned in the overall quote. This factor is considered when deciding how much to tip the house cleaner.

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Acceptable ways to tip

Giving clothing or other household products to housekeepers is not at all uncommon. You may even send them gifts for their birthday or over the holidays, depending on how close you are to them. Other unique presents for housekeepers could include:

Although a monetary tip is still considered the gold standard, giving your housekeeper additional gifts is common if you feel kind or have grown to know them.

Different Cleaners vs. The Same Cleaner

The second thing to consider if you order routine-regular cleaning is if the same housekeeper visits your apartment or home or if the cleaning company sends various personnel for different services like deep cleaning or bathroom cleaning. If a different employee works there each week, you’ll need to tip them whenever you see fit because you never know when you’ll run into them again. Instead of leaving a smaller tip each time, you can opt to leave a larger tip once a week or every two weeks.
For recurring service provided by a reliable, highly reviewed company, contact Muffetta Housekeeping, House Cleaning and Household Staffing Agency.

how much to tip house cleaners for deep clean | Muffetta house cleaning service
Standard etiquette for house cleaning

Other than figuring out how much to tip monthly cleaning lady, you must know a few standard etiquettes. What exactly should you ask the cleaner to clean? Should you impart any cleaning advice? Do you feed them if they stay at your house for a long time? Should you assist them with cleaning? What can you anticipate from them?

We’ll use a restaurant as an example because some unwritten guidelines exist.

A hostess seats you, you place your drink, appetizer, entrée, and dessert orders, and after you pay, you leave a tip. You won’t begin to demand services other than having food and beverages delivered, cleaning your space, and getting in touch with you occasionally (along with the odd photo here and there).

Because every service is a little different and every household is unique, housekeeping services aren’t always so clear-cut.

Right now, if you hunt for services, you’ll frequently find them posted on websites for businesses or directories for individual housekeepers. We’ve observed the following services:

• Refrigerator maintenance
• Laundry
• Leaving cleaning
• Utilizing steam
• Organizing the clean-up after a renovation
Seasonal cleaning

There can’t be a universal standard of etiquette because not every business or person will provide all of these services.


Regardless of whether your housekeeper is providing a service or performing above and above expectations, you are not required to tip them. It’s just a method to express gratitude and acknowledgment for their work. You can also contact a reliable house cleaning & housekeeping company like Muffetta’s Housekeeping, House Cleaning and Household Staffing Agency to inquire what an appropriate tip could be.

Read Muffetta’s most recent house cleaning Press-Release here.

How much to tip house cleaners for a deep clean?

A good rule of thumb is to tip the house cleaner around 10% to 15% of the total cost.

How much to tip a monthly cleaning lady?

First decide if you would like to tip the monthly house cleaner every time she comes or periodically. In general 10% – 15% of the total cost would be appropriate.

How much to tip a weekly house cleaner?

First decide if you would like to tip the weekly house cleaner every time she comes or periodically. In general 10% – 15% of the total cost would be appropriate.

Do you tip a self employed house cleaner?


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