Cherish Moments, Not Tasks

Cherish Moments, Not Tasks

Move In Move Out Cleaning Services By Muffetta House Cleaning

Moving out from your current space or moving into a new place is no easy feat. Between packing boxes, labeling, and goodbyes, cleaning often falls by the wayside. But whether you’re sprucing up your new place or ensuring a smooth security deposit return, professional move-in or move-out cleaning services can serve as lifesavers.

We – Muffetta House Cleaning, offer deep cleaning move-in or move-out cleaning services in Scarsdale, Yonkers, White Plains, Tuckahoe, Warwick, Tuxedo Park and the surrounding areas to give your apartment or house a fresh start.

Advantages of Deep Move In And Move Out Cleaning Services

Moving in or out leaves a huge mess behind. And, a quick vacuum and wipe-down just won’t cut it. A deep clean tackles the hidden dirt and grime, leaving your space sparkling and sanitized:

  • Peace of mind: Focus on the exciting parts of moving! We’ll handle the scrubbing so you can relax.
  • Security deposit protection: Get your full deposit back with a spotless clean that meets landlord expectations.
  • Fresher start: Move into a truly clean space, free from dust, cobwebs, and lingering odors of previous occupants.
  • Reduced allergy triggers: Our deep clean removes dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens for a healthier environment.
Happy couple celebrating while unpacking boxes during move-in

What's Included in Our Move In Move Out Cleaning Service?

We don’t just skim the surface. Our detailed service tackles everything from top to bottom:


We’ll degrease appliances (ovens, stovetops, microwaves, and refrigerators), disinfect countertops, clean cabinets inside and out, and shine floors. Learn how to Clean a Dirty Oven!


We’ll scrub toilets, bathtubs, and showers, disinfect sinks and countertops, and polish mirrors and chrome fixtures.

Bedrooms And Living Areas:

We’ll dust furniture, ceiling fans, blinds, and light fixtures, vacuum carpets, and polish hardwood floors.

Throughout the House/Apartment:

We’ll vacuum or mop all floors (including baseboards!), wipe down doors and door knobs, remove cobwebs, and empty trash cans.

Our Move-In Move-Out Cleaning Process: A Step-by-Step Deep Clean

Moving is chaotic, and cleaning shouldn’t add to the stress. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive move-in/move-out cleaning process that ensures every inch of your space is sparkling clean. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what you can expect when you book with us:

1. Pre-Cleaning Communication:

Contact Us: Get a free quote by phone, email, or online form. During this initial contact, we’ll ask you about the size of your space (square footage or number of bedrooms/bathrooms) and any specific areas you want us to focus on. Are there stubborn pet stains in the carpet? Perhaps dusty blinds you can’t quite reach? Letting us know beforehand ensures a customized cleaning plan.Professional cleaner wiping window shutters during move-in cleaning service

Confirming the Details: Once we have your information, we’ll provide a detailed quote outlining the services included and the estimated cleaning time. We’ll also confirm your preferred date and time for the cleaning service.

2. Arrival and Preparation:

On-Site Assessment: Our experienced and insured cleaning technicians will arrive at your scheduled appointment time. They’ll first take a walk-through of the space to assess any specific cleaning needs and confirm the plan discussed beforehand.

Protecting Your Belongings: We take care of your belongings! Our team will carefully move furniture and cover any surfaces that might need extra protection.

3. The Deep Clean Begins!


We tackle the heart of the home from top to bottom:

  • Appliance Cleaning: We degrease and disinfect ovens, stovetops, microwaves, and the refrigerator exterior.
  • We won’t forget about the drip pans, range hoods, and cabinet interiors for a complete clean.
  • Countertop Sparkle: We disinfect countertops and backsplashes, leaving them germ-free and shiny.
  • Cabinet Care: We clean the inside and outside of cabinets, removing crumbs and grime.
  • Floor Finish: We clean and shine your kitchen floors, ensuring a spotless cooking space.


These require special attention for sanitation and a fresh feel:

  • Disinfecting Deep Clean: We scrub toilets, bathtubs, and showers with powerful disinfectants to remove any lingering germs and soap scum.
  • Sparkling Fixtures: We polish chrome fixtures, leaving them gleaming, and disinfect sinks and countertops for a hygienic space.
  • Mirror Shine: We ensure your mirrors are streak-free and sparkling clear.

Bedrooms And Living Areas:

These become your haven in your new place, so we make sure they’re comfortable and clean:Empty room with packed boxes ready for move-in cleaning

  • Dusting Extravaganza: We meticulously dust furniture, ceiling fans, blinds, light fixtures, and even those hard-to-reach corners using specialized tools.
  • Carpet Care: We thoroughly vacuum carpets, removing dust, pet hair, and allergens for a fresh and healthy environment. For deep-seated dirt or pet stains, we may recommend additional carpet cleaning services (separate quote available upon request).
  • Hardwood Refinement: We polish hardwood floors to a beautiful shine, leaving them spotless and ready to showcase your furniture.

Throughout the House/Apartment:

No detail is left unnoticed:

  • Flooring: We vacuum or mop all floors, including baseboards, for a comprehensive clean. We use appropriate cleaning solutions for different floor types, ensuring a safe and effective clean.
  • Wipe Down Thoroughness: We wipe down all doors and door knobs, removing fingerprints and leaving them sanitized.
  • Cobweb Removal: We banish unsightly cobwebs from ceilings and corners for a fresh and inviting atmosphere.
  • Trash Removal: We empty all trash cans throughout the space before we leave.
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Move in with a fresh start! promotional graphic by Muffetta House Cleaning for move-in/move-out cleaning services in Tuckahoe

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4. Quality Check and Final Touches:

Team Leader Inspection: Once the cleaning is complete, our team leader will do a final walkthrough to ensure everything meets our high standards and your specific requests. This includes checking for missed spots and ensuring all furniture is returned to its original position.

Your Approval: We’ll walk you through the cleaned space and answer any questions you may have. We want you to be completely satisfied before we consider the job done!

5. Sparkling Satisfaction:

Now you can relax and enjoy your fresh, clean space! Whether you’re moving in or out, you can step into a sparkling environment that feels truly move-in ready.

Final Words

Booking Your Move-In Move-Out Cleaning is Easy! Here’s how to book your service:

Contact Us:

Call us at 914 506-1144 or 845 379-4539. Our friendly customer service representatives are happy to answer any questions and provide a free quote.

Online Booking:

For your convenience, you can also book your cleaning directly on our website. Simply fill out the online form specifying the date, time, and property details, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We understand that moving is a busy time. Let us take care of the cleaning so you can focus on the exciting parts of your new chapter! We serve areas including Scarsdale, White Plains, Tuckahoe, and more!

People love Muffetta Move-In Move-Out Cleaning Services:

At Muffetta, we firmly believe in the power of personal connection when it comes to booking our cleaning services. While online booking systems provide convenience, having a two-way conversation with our clients is paramount. It allows us to gather accurate information about their specific needs, preferences, and expectations, ensuring a tailor-made cleaning experience. Personal communication enables us to address any unique requirements, discuss scheduling that suits their lifestyle, and provide a clear understanding of our services. By placing a strong emphasis on customer service through direct conversations, we not only build a rapport with our clients but also establish a foundation for trust, transparency, and satisfaction. At Muffetta, it’s not just about cleaning homes; it’s about fostering meaningful relationships with our clients by putting their needs at the forefront of our service

Move-In Move-Out Cleaning Services FAQs


Muffetta’s move-in/move-out cleaning package includes a comprehensive deep clean of your entire home. We cover everything from dusting, vacuuming, and mopping to scrubbing bathrooms and kitchens, ensuring every corner is spotless and ready for new occupants.

Our move-in cleaning service in Yonkers ensures your new home is thoroughly cleaned before you move in. We handle everything from sanitizing surfaces to deep-cleaning carpets, providing you with a fresh, clean start in your new space.

Yonkers residents choose Muffetta for move-out cleaning because of our attention to detail and commitment to excellence. We ensure your home is immaculate, helping you get your deposit back and leaving a great impression for the next occupants.

Absolutely! Muffetta’s experienced team is equipped to handle move-out cleaning for homes of all sizes in White Plains. We provide a thorough cleaning that meets the highest standards, ensuring your home is pristine for the next occupants.

Muffetta ensures a stress-free move-in experience in White Plains by offering a detailed cleaning service that prepares your new home for your arrival. We handle everything from scrubbing floors to cleaning appliances, so you can focus on settling in.

Yes, our move-in cleaning service in Scarsdale uses pet-friendly, eco-friendly cleaning products. We ensure a safe and healthy environment for your pets while delivering a deep, thorough clean.

Muffetta’s move-out cleaning service is the top choice in Scarsdale because of our thorough and meticulous approach. We clean every nook and cranny, including often-overlooked areas like baseboards and inside cabinets, ensuring your home is spotless for the next residents.


To prepare for our move-out cleaning service in Tuckahoe, please ensure that the home is free of personal belongings. This allows our team to clean all areas thoroughly without any obstructions.

Muffetta’s move-in cleaning service benefits new residents in Tuckahoe by providing a comprehensive deep clean before you move in. We ensure your new home is sanitized and spotless, giving you a fresh start in a clean environment.

Absolutely. Muffetta’s cleaning team in Bronxville is highly trained, background-checked, and insured. We pride ourselves on professionalism and reliability, ensuring that your cleaning service is conducted with the highest level of trust and expertise.

Muffetta is the preferred choice for move-in cleaning in Bronxville because we provide top-notch services that meet the unique needs of our clients. Our team is thorough, efficient, and dedicated to ensuring your new home is immaculate.

Customer satisfaction in Warwick is our top priority at Muffetta. We conduct a final walkthrough with you to ensure all areas meet your expectations. If there’s anything you’re not satisfied with, we address it promptly to ensure you’re completely happy with our service.

Residents of Warwick should choose Muffetta for their move-out cleaning needs because of our commitment to excellence and attention to detail. We ensure your home is spotless and ready for the next occupants, making your move-out process smooth and hassle-free.

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