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Direct Housekeeping Service
Muffetta’s Housekeeping is recurring service for clients that want to enjoy spending time with family and friends instead attending to the needs of housekeeping duties in their spare time. Maybe you are in need of a break from house work or you are a busy professional with no time for housekeeping duties. Whatever the situation is, Muffetta’s is here to help. Our housekeepers / maids are thoroughly trained to ‘look ahead’. It may be the small things as refilling the Q-Tips in the bathrooms or replacing the paper towel in the kitchen. Maybe you would like your closets re-organized, we take care of the details. Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly customized service is available to fit your personal needs. These services are ideal for:

Here are some of things that are included in your housekeeping services.

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Muffetta's Domestic Assistants provides Housekeeping and Maid Services in Westchester NY, Orange County NY, Rockland County, Manhattan and surrounding areas.