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Housekeeping is a service that takes care of your home, makes it functional, and provides you with the peace of coming back to a well-maintained home. In the simplest words, great housekeeping makes a building feel like home.

At Muffetta’s Housekeeping, we make sure that when you come back from your job or a vacation, you find your home in perfect condition. We understand that your home is your favorite and most special place in the world, and that’s why we commit ourselves to make it look like your dream place – clean, hygienic, and beautiful.

Before we move ahead to why you should select us as your reliable housekeeping service, let us briefly talk about the housekeeping itself.

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What Are The Areas of Housekeeping?

Many homeowners think housekeeping is all about simply cleaning, dusting, and mopping. If you also believe so, let us share some essential aspects of the housekeeping job.

Housekeeping is a broad term job covering everything related to making a home clean, safe, and functional. It is an art that aims to make the homeowner feel heaven in his abode.
It includes every big and small process that makes a residence well-maintained and sanitized.

Some of the tasks involved in active housekeeping are cleaning and sanitizing every area of the home, like rooms, kitchens, pantries, toilets, showers, etc. Plus, washing and sorting laundry, ironing clothes, disposing of all waste, and vacuuming all areas also fall under the aforementioned job. Muffetta housekeepers can even help you to Care for Your Kitchen Cutlery.

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Daily housekeeping also involves making beds, replacing linens, ordering the objects, and keeping the bathrooms stocked with necessary items like toiletries or other supplies. Besides that, informing the owner about any repair or damage or any supply that needs to be restocked is also the job of a housekeeper.

To know more about housekeeping responsibilities and understand the realm of its operations, let’s cover a few aspects of housekeeping –

Muffetta's Daily Housekeeping Services include:


The first one is very obvious, i.e., cleaning the home. However, it isn’t just about mopping floors or vacuuming dust.

Housekeeping involves cleaning every single area of the home, eliminating all the infections or germs from the house, and proper disposal of waste. It is the housekeeper’s responsibility to make the home look more aesthetic, presentable, and tidy.

A good housekeeper offers all-around sanitation of the home. It includes cleaning the windows or glass surfaces, dusting and polishing furniture, washing or vacuuming rugs and carpets, and mopping the dirtiest or most challenging floors.

Sometimes, it might also incorporate cleaning areas like swimming pools, gardens, paths, draperies, chandeliers, and other hard-to-reach spaces.


The next task is maintaining proper order in the home so that the house can operate efficiently. This is less of physical labor like cleaning but more of a mental job where you have to know everything about everything in the house, be it a doorknob that needs repair or soap in the soap dish that needs a refill.

It can be exhausting, but it is the responsibility of the housekeeping associate to make sure that everything in the home is in proper shape and all the essentials are stocked. If anything needs to be restocked or repaired, it is to be done before the homeowners come back.

Maintenance of the home also includes washing all the laundry and sorting them for the owners. It also involves washing the blinds, drying and ironing clothes, and changing bed sheets, curtains, and tablecloths in the house.


The house should not only be clean, well-ordered & hygienic but also look aesthetically pleasing. Homeowners might not see that their domestic help fixed a hooked nail or edge of their table, but everyone will appreciate the aesthetics.

So, the final task is to make the home look pleasing by meticulous cleaning and adding creativity. A few tasks include tidying the rooms, making guests’ rooms ready for surprise guests, keeping the toilet fresh and hygienic, and making every corner smell fresh and pleasing to the eyes.

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One of the most critical tasks of housekeeping is assuring the safety and security of the residents.

For this purpose, a housekeeper has to ensure that nothing is potentially harmful or lethal in the home like broken glass, leakages, sharp edges of furniture, an unscrewed nail, or any faulty electric equipment.

Besides physical objects, maintaining a sanitary environment is also equally important. A housekeeper has to ensure that every corner of the house is free of germs and any potential threats to the residents. If a person in the home is allergic to some particular object, that object should not enter the household at any chance.

Why Do You Need Professional Housekeeping?

The above-given lists of duties and responsibilities must have revealed that housekeeping is not an effortless job. To be honest, it is one highly sensitive yet creative job. Hence, it is apparent that managing all these duties along with your employment, passions, or growing-up kids can become a challenge.

This is the reason why you need a housekeeping service to come in and relieve you of all the stress. The purpose of professional domestic staff is to help you with all the duties related to maintaining the house and leaving you more time to focus on your life, career, opportunities, and happiness.

That’s why it is said that even if you do not need professional housekeeping, you already need it. It might look like an expense today, but in the long run, when you see your life fulfilled with happy memories and a successful career, you will thank yourself for making the decision.

Besides that, if you feel that you can manage your home and need limited help, you can also go for weekly housekeeping or recurring housekeeping services.

If you are still unsure why you need a professional housekeeping service, let us discuss a few essential points regarding how it can be a profitable investment for you.

1. Regular Cleaning Is Essential For Your Home

Cleaning is one of the most fundamental tasks that keep a home hygienic, maintained, and good-looking. A well-cleaned house isn’t just more charming but also more valuable and healthy with no dirty stains and complete sanitation.

So, if you have a big house or even a small one with kids or have a career to manage, regulating a cleaning order can become challenging for you.

A professional housekeeper will clean every single corner of your house and remove the toughest stains. They will also keep rarely touched areas like windows, electric equipment, or cupboards without any dirt.

All these efforts won’t just make your home look more beautiful than ever but also eliminate the chances of infections and disease.

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2. Allows You to Focus on Activities You Love

Housekeeping is an exhausting job and consumes a lot of time and effort. After a full day of housekeeping, you aren’t left with enough energy and time left to invest in activities you love—for instance, focusing on your career/job, spending time with your family, kids, or just your hobbies like reading books.

At such times, a good housekeeping service emerges as your keeper. It takes all of your burdens and rewards you with ample time to invest in your life.

When you come home from the office, you don’t have to worry about doing dishes, collecting laundry, or calling a mechanic to repair your air-conditioner. You don’t have to sleep in a messy bed, use a dirty bathroom, or face an injury by slipping on your kid’s toys.

Instead, you get a fresh house with changed linens, well-ordered objects, and a new ambiance where you can peacefully sleep and focus on your dreams and passions.

3. Maintenance And Safety Of Your Home

As we have already discussed, housekeeping staff has to eliminate all hazardous objects from the house like faulty equipment, spills, or broken glass.

When they thoroughly inspect every part of your home and ensure proper sanitation, your home becomes a safe place.

Plus, there are never any shortage situations like no toothpaste for you to use early in the morning. A good housekeeper keeps all the essential items fully stacked and ordered adequately so that your home can properly function all the time.

The next significant advantage of having a qualified helper at your home is the safety of your kids and elders. Effective housekeeping not just ensures that there is no more slipping over spills or fire hazards in the house but also confirms that the space is entirely healthy to live in, especially for kids.

If you have young kids at your home, kids will inevitably come in contact with infectious elements no matter how much you try. Their innocence and instincts of exploration make them touch high-touch surfaces, eat food from the floor or move around in unsafe areas of the house.

This is the spot where a professional housekeeping service comes in and relieves you about the safety of your little ones.

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4. Well Being Of Your Kids Or Elders

Expert housekeeping staff makes sure that your home is scrupulously cleaned and free from any sort of disease-spreading germs. They are professionally trained to clean the most challenging areas and develop a healthy and nurturing environment within the house. Plus, they take care of your elders’ needs and requirements like giving medicines on time or helping them in their morning walks.

Is there anything better than watching your parents happy and kids well-nurtured? We guess not!

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Now you know how housekeeping is a herculean task and why it is so crucial for the well-being of your loved ones and your home. You are also aware of how a professional housekeeping service can efficiently transform your home into a safe and harmonious living space.

The next question is – Why choose us? Why, among so many recurring housekeeping service providers, should you go for Muffetta’s Housekeeping Services and Maid Services?

The most straightforward answer is – we care about you, and we know how to make your home beautiful. Our highly trained staff is not just professionally trained to clean and nurture a home but also devoted to make a cordial relationship with clients and make them feel relaxed.

For further details, here is a list of areas that we provide service in and strive to make our customers feel special in their homes –

1. Services for Everyone

We provide our housekeeping services for all types of living spaces, be it residential homes or offices.

Besides that, we understand that every home is unique in terms of housekeeping requirements, and many homeowners like to keep their homes clean by themselves or require partial help.

That’s why we offer housekeeping services on a daily, weekly, and bi-weekly basis or even a one-time and per-call basis. Plus, we also provide spring cleaning or move-in/move-out services to our customers.

Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers, and for this reason, we deliver a plethora of services. To name a few, we offer housekeeping services for –

2. All-Round Housekeeping Services

Our skilled housekeepers do it all!

Our trained housekeeping staff performs all sorts of activities under housekeeping services areas and offers flawless assistance to you. A few duties that our domestic help staff performs are –

We select our candidates after vigorous procedures and make sure that they are not just professionally prepared but are genuinely good-natured to help you in your housekeeping requirements.

3. Our History and Intention to Care -

The next factor that makes us ideal for your home is our experience. For more than sixteen years, we have been providing housekeepers & cleaners in New York, and for more than five years, we have helped our customers with efficient staffing in the region.

In this whole span, we have committed to provide state-of-the-art services to our customers and make them feel special in their own space.

Years of industry experience and the trust of our beloved customers have made us a trusted name in housekeeping services and developed our reputation for consistency and uncompromising standards.

At Muffetta’s Housekeeping, we value your time and understand your hectic schedule. That’s why we make sure that you never have to fret about your home’s maintenance, and you can spend your quality time in activities you love.

4. Our Selection of Candidates

We aim to select the most eligible associates for every house and develop long-term relationships with our customers. We continuously strive to choose skilled and most responsible professionals that provide their utmost efficiency and ethics at work and become a trustworthy part of your household.

For this purpose, we go through a series of interviews and investigations before we finalize a candidate. We make all the candidates pass our rigorous interviews, check all the references, and run an in-depth background check. Only after our selection team is fully satisfied with the outcomes, we assign the candidates to your home for housekeeping.

Besides that, we are conscious of your safety and security. Hence, we do not disclose any information about our clients to the candidates until they are selected for the final interview.

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In short, you don’t just get the most efficient housekeeping staff from our side but also receive the company of a well-mannered and thoroughly inspected person at your home.

5. Efficient Services

The factor that distinguishes us from the rest and makes us the most reliable housekeepers for your home is our impeccable services.

After the initial selection process, we meticulously train and screen every domestic help associate. All the qualified associates are exceptionally trained to do the most impossible of cleaning tasks and reach every challenging corner of your home.

As a result, they become skilled housekeepers and always make sure that they reach the location on time and work with excellence.

Another thing that you should expect from us is our customer-devoted service that makes all the tasks convenient for you. You can always make a call, and our executives will patiently listen to all your needs with full attention and provide the best possible solution.

Lastly, we are a locally owned and operated domestic service that makes sure that you get the highest quality service and enjoy a wonderful time in your living space.

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