Laundry Cleaning Tips: The Art of Doing Laundry
Laundry Cleaning Tips laundress laundry services onsite westchester

Laundry Cleaning Tips: The Art of Doing Laundry

For most people, doing laundry is a part of their daily chores, which they have been doing since childhood. Washing clothes is part of our everyday lives. While most people know how to do laundry, there might be a few hacks they miss out on. Knowing these hacks makes you a pro at the art of doing laundry.

The basics of laundry include choosing the best detergent for washing clothes, separating the dark clothes from the light ones, operating a washing machine, and so on. However, knowing a few important things can make the process much easier and more functional. So, let us have a look at the 7 steps of doing laundry.

1. Laundry Symbols

You heard it right. There is such a thing called ‘laundry symbols,’ and knowing them is vital if you want to master the art of doing laundry. This includes the fabric care symbols that are printed on your clothing tags. It might seem difficult to interpret, but it gets easier once you know what the symbols mean.

The laundry symbols on fabrics tend to instruct you or caution you regarding which cycle to use, how to dry the piece of cloth, and even the maximum temperature you can use on the iron. Here are some of the most common laundry symbols:

  • When to use hot, cold, or medium temperature water
  • Which fabric can be cleaned with bleach and which cannot
  • Which garment can be tumble dried and which can be dried flat

2. Learn how to separate fabrics

You need to know how to separate your fabrics based on their color, type, weight, and amount of dirt accumulated. This will amount to immense success while trying to master the art of doing laundry. You can even get help from your household staff for this work.

  • Different colors- Fabrics can be divided and washed by sorting them out into their colors. Dark-colored clothes tend to bleed more dye than light ones. You need to separate these.
  • Weight of fabric- While washing clothes, separate the heavier fabrics from the lighter ones. Heavier fabrics like towels, when put into the same laundry as something more fine like a cloth made of net, the former can cause damage to the latter.
  • Fabric type- You need to separate fabrics based on their types as well. Fabric types refer to clothes that are delicate and those that are more durable. If there is a laundress who handles these things at home, make sure she abides by these fabric care rules.
  • Amount of dirt- Separating clothes also depends on the amount of dirt accumulated in a particular piece of clothing. For example, clothes are worn on a day out for a picnic or some work.
Laundry Cleaning Tips laundress laundry services onsite westchester

3. Know how to treat stains before giving them to laundry

If a piece of cloth has been heavily stained or soiled, it is better to pre-treat the stains before washing them. The stain gets loosened, which makes it easier to do the laundry.

There are many methods out there to pre-treat the stains, depending on the nature of the stain. For example, if the stain has been caused by coffee, tea, or sweat, you can directly pour some detergent on it and gently rub the fabric. Let the detergent remain on the stain for some time to loosen it up.

On the other hand, stains from chewing gum can be quite tricky to get rid of. Soaking the cloth in hot vinegar can be helpful. Let it soak for 1-3 minutes, and the stain will most likely be gone.

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4. Understand how much detergent is needed

For your laundry to be a success, the next crucial factor is understanding how much detergent is required. The adequate amount of detergent will depend on how much laundry is actually there as well as the intensity of the dirt accumulated. Other factors like the hardness of the water and the brand of detergent you are using also play important roles in making this decision.

Usually, the detergent package has the correct dosage printed on the body, which is helpful for washing clothes. Also, the cap of the detergent bottle is made in a way to help with the dosage. You can even take help from the laundress in your home to learn about the exact requirement of detergent to do your laundry.

5. Learn how to load your washing machine

Learning and knowing how to lead your washing machine is a basic tenet of washing clothes faster and without putting in too much manual labor. You must have sufficient knowledge about the machine’s drum and the size of your load. The clothes should get enough space to tumble inside the washer so that all the stains and dirt are washed off properly.

Laundry Cleaning Tips laundress laundry services onsite westchester

The palm trick is an often-used method by those who have mastered the art of doing laundry as it ensures proper washing without wastage of water. Here’s how you can do the trick. First, place your hand inside the drum of the washing machine while your clothes are still inside. You will know that the load size is perfect if your hand has enough space to fit between the drum’s wall and the clothes. This is a great trick to ensure a successful laundry session and perfectly clean clothes.

6. Select the right wash cycle

The care label on your clothes is crucial for successful laundry. You need to check it before adding your clothes to the load and selecting a wash cycle. This label will determine the speed of the machine and the temperature of the water used for washing clothes. In addition, sorting the fabric according to color and type will help you select the right wash cycle. Here are a few different types of cycles your washing machine offers.

  • Regular cycle- This cycle is meant for washing your whites, underwear, socks, sheets, and towels. It uses a fast spin cycle to wash off stains from durable fabrics.
  • Delicate cycle- As the name suggests, this is meant for delicate fabrics like wool or silk. It uses a slow rinse cycle.
  • Permanent press cycle- This one is meant for fabrics like jeans, synthetic clothing, and non-cotton clothing. It uses a slow spin cycle while doing the laundry.
  • Cold setting- This is perfect for fabrics that are dark-colored or bright. Cold water tends to be most gentle to your clothes, and this setting is a great water saver too.

7. Figure out how to dry clothes

Your laundry does not end at simply washing clothes; you must also be mindful of how you dry them. Be aware of the temperature at which you dry the clothes to avoid unnecessary shrinkage and damage to the fabric. Remember to take out the laundry from the washer, as leaving it there for a long time can lead to a musty smell in the clothes. There are a few fabrics that cannot be tumble dried. Check the care labels to avoid such mistakes.


Washing clothes is a basic skill, but mastering the art of laundry can be tricky if the above-mentioned factors are not taken seriously. These tips and advice will come in handy in the long run when you do not have any domestic staffing or a laundress to do your laundry. If you do need a Laundress or Laundry Onsite in Westchester – Muffetta Household Staffing agency is ready to assist you.

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