How to Clean Your Laminate/Vinyl Flooring
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How To Clean Your Laminate / Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is made of numerous layers of different materials fused together to create a floor covering that is incredibly durable, useful, and reasonably priced. Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) and vinyl rolls are the two primary varieties of vinyl flooring. Although LVT and vinyl roll are both formed of the same materials, they are built differently to achieve distinct results. For instance, the plank format is perfect for resembling actual wood. Even in homes with heavy use, vinyl tile and laminate flooring are beautiful, strong, and long-lasting, but the product is by no means indestructible. 
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Fortunately, cleaning vinyl floor cleaning is a simple and affordable operation, and with the right maintenance, it’s simple to keep the material’s eye-catching appearance. This article will help you with some basic tips on how to clean your vinyl flooring. 

Employ a Doormat

How to keep vinyl floors from becoming unclean in the first place is the first thing you need to know about vinyl floor cleaners. Dirt and chemicals, the two biggest enemies of vinyl flooring, are deterred by a doormat. Dirty footprints require more sweeping time. Grit removes the floor finish by acting like sandpaper. Additionally, chemicals from asphalt may adhere to your shoes before adhering to the floor and turning it yellow, even though you cannot see them. Any housekeeping service will tell you the same. 

Regularly Sweep

Maintaining cleanliness is essential to keeping any floor in excellent condition, and sheet vinyl is no exception. Your vinyl will last longer if you remove the dirt before it becomes embedded. After keeping dishes in the dishwasher each night, it’s a good idea to quickly sweep the kitchen floor with a soft broom.

Shampoo Away The Dirt

A fantastic vinyl floor cleaner is shampoo. Simply shampoo your vinyl floor to remove any hairspray accumulation. Does it really work on your hair? One spray of shampoo is added to one gallon of warm water. Mop, then use a damp mop to rinse. You can always seek help from a house cleaning service if you wish. 

Discover Low-Impact Cleaning Methods

Avoid the urge to use powerful cleansers to blast away dirt. Instead, discover the most gentle cleaning techniques for vinyl floors. Every evening, sweep or vacuum it, and immediately clean up spills. Use a mop that has been soaked with warm—not hot—water to remove dirt that the broom or vacuum cannot reach. Use soap if everything else fails, but be sure the soap is made for your flooring.

Use The Appropriate Cleaner

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Here are some cleaning instructions for no-wax vinyl floors: use a cleanser designed especially for no-wax floors, and wash them as directed on the package as most domestic assistants would advice you to. Use warm water and detergent to wash any older vinyl that has to be waxed. Use the mixture to dampen a mop or sponge, then lightly rub the floor to remove any remaining debris. Avoid rubbing the wax off because doing so will require you to reapply it. No matter what the soap’s packaging says about not needing to rinse, you must rinse with clean, cool water to avoid leaving a residue on the floor. 

Do Not Soak Your Vinyl.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that water isn’t always the greatest cleaning for vinyl floors. A mop that is too moist will seep water into the crevices, seams, and edges. Once there, it has the potential to obliterate the glue bond holding the vinyl in place, causing it to come loose or the edges to curl.

Rinse Well To Eliminate Any Soap.

While soap may be an excellent vinyl floor cleaner, soap scum actually acts as a magnet for grime. As long as your floor doesn’t require immediate attention, keep to moist mopping with only water. Use two mops—one for cleaning the floor and the other only for rinsing—whenever you do need to do some floor cleaning.

Give Your Large Appliances And Furnishings Protection “Feet”

Vinyl flooring can be dented by the pressure of big appliances that have a permanent location in your kitchen, such as tables and refrigerators. Fit floor protectors, which are available at hardware stores and home improvement stores, to your furniture to avoid these damages.

Avoid Using Rolling Casters.

These may also harm the tile’s surface. Instead, think about putting felt tips to chairs, which won’t damage your vinyl; something any housekeeping service will keep in mind.

Place appliances and other heavy objects on a plywood walkway before making large transfers.

Most of the time, we drag or push appliances across the floor while replacing or moving them rather than lifting them. However, dragging appliances will simply damage and scuff your vinyl flooring. Lay a piece of plywood sheeting along the path you will take out of the room, then push or “walk” the appliances out along the plywood path to preserve the condition of your vinyl.

How Not To Clean Vinyl Flooring?

When it comes to cleaning vinyl floors, there are a few things to watch out for and things to avoid using:

  • Avoid using a “beater bar” attachment when vacuuming such floors since it could harm the surface.
  • Never use steel wool or extremely abrasive scrubbers.
  • Avoid using “mop and shine” products, abrasive cleaners, or detergents since they might leave a dull layer on the floor.
  • Avoid using paste wax and polish with solvent bases.
  • On vinyl flooring, avoid using ammonia or ammonia-based cleaning products since they may cause the flooring to crack and the substance to deteriorate.

Vinyl flooring can withstand years of wear and tear while maintaining its wonderful appearance with just a little time and effort.

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Tips for Maintaining Vinyl Floors

Avoid applying paste wax polish to vinyl flooring. They’ll leave a film on the floor, which will progressively accumulate. There is a simple and affordable technique to make your floor shine: In the vinegar and water cleaning solution we previously mentioned, add a few drops of baby oil.

When thinking about how to do some vinyl floor cleaning, don’t neglect preventative maintenance. Keep doormats in front of doors to keep dirt and dust out of the house because they damage the floor finish. Knowing how to maintain vinyl flooring’s beauty and extend its lifespan would be helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I clean vinyl floors with the help of vinegar?

One of the greatest chemicals to use for routine cleaning is vinegar. It isn’t harsh, but it does disinfect lightly. Another reason we like vinegar is that it gives vinyl a natural gloss and eliminates smells. Both apple cider and distilled white vinegar are secure and efficient options for cleaning vinyl. Mop your floors, as usual, using a gallon of water and a cup of vinegar.

  1. How can I make my vinyl floor look shiny?

A vinyl floor polish can restore sheen and gloss if vinegar isn’t doing the trick. However, before application, the floor must be completely free of all dust and debris. Leaving dirt and dust behind can change the outcome. After mopping and removing stains, select a quality polish and carefully adhere to the directions. Consider hiring a professional to wax your vinyl floors because using the wrong wax can result in issues.


Vinyl floors are well-liked because of their toughness. A well-kept floor can increase the value of your home and last for many years. There are various varieties of vinyl, and many of them are designed to resemble different forms of flooring like wood and stone. Maintaining vinyl floors is simple; all that is required is routine sweeping or vacuuming. Only mop when absolutely required, and use a suitable cleanser like vinegar. Water does not penetrate vinyl. But keep in mind that liquids can seep through the seams and corners, so it’s not completely waterproof. So, just use water when necessary.

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