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Tuxedo Park Housekeeping Services

Tuxedo Park Housekeeping

Tuxedo Park is a village in Orange County, New York with historic homes and fun facts. The now formal evening dress for men now known in America as a tuxedo, got its name from Tuxedo Park. It was brought to Tuxedo by James Brown Potter, who had been introduced to the garment by the Prince of Wale. Pretty Cool.  Tuxedo may not be on the radar for many as a place visit or to live but it is a beautiful place with many architectural wonders and a beautiful lake. That is why for those looking for stunning homes, tranquilly and a safe place to live choose Tuxedo Park.

There are so many things to do in Tuxedo Park such as; The Tuxedo Club, Sterling Forest Lake (blue Lake)Sterling Forest, Valley Rock Mountain Market, Auntie El’s Farm Market, Dottie Audrey’s Bakery/Kitchen, Dater Mountain Nature Park and more. So why would you want to spend that time doing household chores when you could be out having fun or spending quality time with friends and family.


At Muffetta’s Domestic Assistants – Tuxedo Park Housekeeping, we understand the demands of your busy lifestyle and we have been providing Maids,Housekeepers & House Cleaners for over 16 years and household staffing for over 3 years. Our reputation for consistency and uncompromising standards makes us one of the leading housekeeping companies for Tuxedo Park Housekeeping. Let us at Muffetta’s Tuxedo Park Housekeeping, the highly rated housekeeping and household staffing company in Orange County, NY come in and take care of all your domestic needs for you or find you the proper staff for your household.


Contact our office by phone or email to indicate the type of housekeeping position or other household position you need to fill, the qualifications you prefer, and the compensation you expect to pay. One of Muffetta’s Housekeeping pleasant, professional and engaging staff would be glad to take you through the intake process to discuss how best we can serve you. Muffetta’s Tuxedo Park Housekeeping and household staffing goes the distance for you to make sure you are satisfied.


Tuxedo Park Housekeeping

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Tuxedo Park Housekeeping Services

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Tuxedo Park Housekeeping Service
Tuxedo Park Housekeeping Service

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