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Travel Companions

Need to help for yourself or getting an elderly loved one or child on or off a flight or vacation but cannot travel with them? Or Need to drop your child off or accompany them to a party but not able to? We can do that for you. How about taking your pet to the vet or travel with them? Look no further than Muffetta’s Travel Companions. Our experience companions are ready to assist. Go anywhere with Muffetta’s Travel Companions.

Companion Services

Muffetta’s Companions, if needed, can pick you up at your home or they can meet you at the airport and provide travel assistance with regards to your trip – from check-in process, security, baggage handling, boarding, during flight, and check through at the destination. Our travel companions are available to accompany you throughout an entire trip.

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Our Companions

Our Companions have previous experience as an airline professional or have a background in healthcare, experience in childcare, experience traveling worldwide and experience Veterinary technicians. As a travel companion, they are comfortable with assisting the elderly, those with travel anxiety, or juveniles. Muffetta’s companions are caring, friendly, patient, kind, compassionate and sympathetic to the clients needs, exercises excellent judgment and have wonderful interpersonal and organizational skills and are able to interact with client.

Companion's Duties

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Travel Companions in New York, Westchester NY, Orange County NY, New York City, Manhattan & surrounding areas. Elderly Travel Companion, Children's Travel Companion, Senior Travel Companion.