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Nannies & Childcare Specialist

We expect only first class service when it comes to caring for your child, and we are confident that we will find the best candidate for you. Our nannies that provide Nanny Service and Childcare, come with a range of experience, education and certifications, including Early Childhood Development, Teaching/Tutoring, CPR/First Aid Certifications, Nursing and more. The childcare specialists we choose to represent us are professional, experienced, committed and career-minded.

Nanny Services - Childcare - Nannies & Mannies – Live-In or Out

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A Nanny or Manny is a childcare specialist who takes care of your children in your home on a daily basis, whether in a live-in situation or live-out. A nanny/manny serves as loving, nurturing, trustworthy companion to the children. The Nanny/Manny is in charge of organizing and coordinating the children’s activities, preparing their meals, and keeping their rooms and play areas clean. They can organise and provide activities such as creative arts and crafts, outdoor play, singing, reading and other various learning opportunities. He or she may have a college degree and/or CPR/First Aid Certificate. A Nanny/Manny may wash and organise the children’s clothes and belongings. She/he will ensure toys are clean and safe, and tidied away at the end of the day. A nanny/manny can also make sure that the children in their care are active and social, by organising play dates, attending baby classes, and taking children on outings.

Baby Nurses/Newborn Care Specialists

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A medical (Baby Nurse) or non-medical (Newborn Care Specialist) professional who is educated, trained and highly skilled, a Baby Nurse or Newborn Care Specialist can help a new mother in all aspects of taking care of the newborn, including transitioning into a regular schedule, assisting the new mother with breast-feeding, bathing the baby, changing diapers, tidying and organizing the nursery, laundering baby’s clothes and linens, cleaning bottles and equipment, keeping a journal of the baby’s sleeping schedule, and providing guidance to new parents. Our Nanny Services ensure the safety of the newborn. The Nanny is not responsible for any household duties outside of the nursery, she also does not care for the mother. These tend to be temporary jobs, with Baby Nurses usually working 12 or 24-hour shifts for a duration of 2 weeks to 3 months.


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Governesses are part of our ‘Nanny Services’, they are responsible for the education of the children in her care; this can include school entrance exam preparation and daily homework supervision. A governess has many of the same job requirements as a nanny, but holds a degree from a university in child development or education, is focused on educating the children, and has extensive experience as a nanny, tutor or teacher. The governess will have full responsibility for overseeing both the formal and informal education of the children in her care. A governess is expected to organise outside activities such as educational outings; museums, art galleries, theatre visits and sporting activities. They may teach specialist activities such as a musical instrument, a language, or a sport.They may accompany the children while traveling. Many former educators transition to this position.

More information about Governesses may be found here.

Doulas/Post Partum Doulas

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A certified non-medical person who provides continuous support to the mother-to be, stays with and assists her before, during, and/or after the baby is born to provide emotional support and physical help if needed.

Post-partum doulas may provide additional support by assisting with housework, cooking, and providing assistance with breast-feeding. These tend to be temporary jobs.

Contact Muffetta Staffing. We will be glad to speak to you about your needs.

Summer Nannies

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Nanny Services also include summer nannies providing childcare while children are out of school. Depending on the needs of the family, the nanny may be asked to accompany a family during their summer vacation. A summer nanny encourages the children to get outside by planning fun and creative activities. This position can be live-in or live-out. Summer nannies often take the children to sports activities, summer classes, and play dates with friends. They may also supervise swimming.

Vacation & Travel Nannies

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The travel nanny is there to provide you with peace of mind while you’re on holiday and make having fun a lot easier! A vacation nanny from our Nanny Services will care for the children during the trip, and will assist with the care of your children on days of travel. Travel nannies can also assist with packing and unpacking for travel.

Weekend Nannies

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Our Nanny Services are able to provide weekend nannies who possess the same level of experience and qualifications that are generally required of a weekday nanny, their main duty is to keep the children entertained and active for the weekend. Weekend nannies can also provide safe, reliable transportation to wherever children need to go and handle whatever may come up. That means if the baseball game is rained out or the soccer practice runs late, your child won’t be stranded! The additional coverage on Saturday and Sunday can help with the busy schedules that leave many parents scrambling for quality, flexible childcare. All weekend Nanny Services requests must be received no later than 3pm on the Friday prior to qualify for our standard temporary/back-up care referral fees ($30 per day/$35 same day per caregiver). Requests received after 3pm are subject to our after-hours daily referral fee of $50 per caregiver. All arrangements for a sitter MUST be made through Muffetta’s Domestic Assistants and not directly with the individual sitter.

After School Nannies & Homework Helpers

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An after school Nanny can pick up the child or meet the school bus at home, transport them to after school activities, prepare dinner, bathe and put the children to bed. Nanny Services also help with homework, supervision and assistance and set scheduling structure and work with children at home after school until parents come home from work. An After School Nanny sets a firm schedule to help children to do their homework and assignments and provides engaging play experiences with the children.

Family Assistants & Mother’s Helpers

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In addition to caring for children, Family Assistants and Mother’s Helpers assist the parent with light housekeeping and daily tasks as requested. A Family Assistant may do laundry, prepare meals for the family, do shopping, run errands, and prepare simple meals.

Temporary & Short-Term Nannies

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Muffetta temporary nannies meet the same qualifications and requirements as those of our full time nanny services candidates. They are experienced, well referenced, background checked and interviewed personally by our staff. Temporary & Short-Term nannies have very flexible schedules; some are in between nanny jobs, some are looking for additional hours, and others enjoy the flexibility of working temporarily helping many different families.

Special Needs Nannies

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We place qualified nannies who are skilled in caring for children autism, physical challenges, behavioral challenges and other developmental issues. We believe that families with children who have additional needs deserve exceptional nannies who are committed to providing the very best care and services available. Our special needs nannies are experienced and can help children with building confidence, setting goals, providing appropriate activities, teaching specific skills, and helping to further development. Our very special nannies have a pure love for these special children.

On-Call Babysitters

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Babysitters are childcare professionals who will fill in, sometimes on short notice, at your home or hotel for planned or unplanned sick days, vacation days, school closures, date nights, or events. Note: There will be a $30 cancellation fee if a confirmed care is canceled by the client with less than 24 hours notice. Please notify the agency as early as possible if you must cancel. If the sitter cancels, you will be eligible for one sitter without an agency charge if the agency is unable to find a replacement nanny before the scheduled time.
All weekend and/temporary/back-up care requests must be received no later than 3pm on the Friday prior to qualify for our standard temporary/back-up care referral fees ($30 per day/$35 same day per caregiver). Requests received after 3pm are subject to our after-hours daily referral fee of $50 per caregiver. All arrangements for a sitter MUST be made through Muffetta’s Domestic Assistants and not directly with the individual sitter.

Travel Companions

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Need help to accompany your child on a flight or vacation, getting them on or off a flight because you cannot travel with them? Or Need to drop your child off or accompany them to a party but not able to? We can do that for you. Look no further than with Muffetta’s Domestic Assistants. Our experience companions are ready to assist. Go anywhere with Travel companions.

We understand the demands of your busy lifestyle. We offer our clients peace of mind with our Travel Companion services. Muffetta’s is here to help ease that burden with our Travel Companion. Gain confidence for individuals who are not able to travel independently or have anxiety traveling alone. Our companions have previous experience as an airline professional or have a background in healthcare, experience in childcare, experience traveling worldwide. As a travel companion, they are comfortable with assisting those with travel anxiety, or juveniles.

Muffetta’s companions are caring, friendly, patient, kind, compassionate and sympathetic to the client’s needs, exercise excellent judgment and have wonderful interpersonal and organizational skills and are able to interact with the client.

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