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Laundress Services

The major responsibilities in this position consist mainly of the laundering, ironing and steaming of clothing, table linens and sheets, and may include the organization the closets and dressers. Laundress may on occasion perform light housekeeping duties, and may also be required to care for the polishing of shoes.

What is a Laundress?

A laundress is a woman whose work is the washing and ironing of clothes, linens, etc. Sounds easy right? Hiring a laundress to wash and iron your clothes and linens is not as easy or clear-cut as the definition. When you need to hire one, there is more to consider than her ability to wash and iron.

Laundress Job and Responsibilities

A laundress’ duties may include washing, steaming, ironing and folding of laundry, as well as organizing these same items. She should also know how to identify the delicate items that require special care. High end fabrics should automatically receive optimal care to preserve them and maintain their life span. A professional laundress identifies items for dry cleaning and drops them off. She also keeps track and pick up in a timely manner and also ensure they were properly cleaned. Familiar with laundry products and household appliances, she will know which is best for the items in her care.

Benefits of Hiring a Laundress

Whether full time or part time, a Laundress is also responsible mending items. Clothing can have stains that needs to be removed, rips that need mending. She will dedicate time and effort to remove stains, mend tears and replace missing buttons. Besides mending rips and taking proper care of luxurious items, your Laundress will also ensure that items are properly steamed and ironed. Ironing is a time consuming task, but if done carelessly, this can lead to wrinkles even before leaving the house.

With extensive knowledge in storage, seasonal organization and closet inventory, your Laundress will organize your closets so it is easier to locate your clothing and accessories. This will make life easier as you move seamlessly through your closet each day.

A professional Laundress should have previous experience. Or if there is not enough previous experience, they should be able to show their qualification for the job. If the Laundress is associated with a vetted and qualified staffing company, the vetting process would have previously been done. When you contact a professional staffing firm to fill this position in your home, whether on a long term or short term basis, note how many years they have been in business and their familiarity with your area.  Your home and belongings should be safe in the hands of an experienced, professional laundress. Contact us and we can provide you with that.

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