How to Organize Your Pantry
How To Organize Your Pantry

How to Organize Your Pantry

If you want to start cooking more, the first thing you need to do is examine how you organize and store your ingredients. How To Organize Your Pantry should involve considering developing a pantry organization strategy that works for you as you start your spring cleaning. It takes a lot of effort to organize the pantry. You’ll need patience and a keen eye to sort the accumulated cans, cereal boxes, snack pouches, and other baking supplies. After everything is arranged, maintaining a clean pantry requires the collaboration of the entire family. A quality house cleaning / housekeeping company such as Muffetta can help you to not only organize your pantry but to keep it orderly all year long.

However, you must first develop a strategy, which is where we come in. Here are some easy steps for pantry organization and our recommended products to get you going.

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Things to keep in mind during kitchen pantry organization

Transparency: While matte black or glossy ivory canisters are alluring, we advise sticking with clear bins whenever possible. Thanks to the sides’ transparency, you can see your supplies and keep track of what is still in stock. Additionally, clear containers are simpler to mix and match, making your area appear more homogeneous.

Stack-ability: In a pantry, every square inch matters. Therefore, take this into account when choosing food storage containers. Using a square or rectangular containers with flat lids, you may fit more items on the same shelf.

Functionality : Your family should be able to understand your organizers. (Note: Your partner or kids are likelier to keep the pantry tidy if they are simple to use.) Look for big open bins or containers with simple pop-up or flip-up tops if you have little children. Choose containers with locking or screw-top lids for an airtight seal if you have tweens or teens.

How to go about pantry organization?

Begin with a blank slate

Before you start organizing your kitchen, empty it and thoroughly clean it. Verify expiration dates and discard anything outdated or not in use. This will make room in your pantry and keep things tidy for a more extended period.

Make a list

Once the old objects have been removed, you can see what needs organizing and can begin designating storage containers. Make a list of the essentials in your pantry and update it frequently. When it’s time to shop for groceries, bring your list along. This is an important step in arranging your pantry.


The next step in this kind of house cleaning is to group similar items. You can place items you use less frequently on higher, more difficult-to-reach shelves, such as holiday baking supplies or specialty appliances. For ease of access, commonplace products like salt, olive oil, and coffee beans should be placed at shoulder height (or just above or below).

They can stay at the bottom to prevent goods from slipping out of your hands and landing on your foot. If children can self-regulate enough to refrain from eating them all at once, snacks can be placed on lower rungs where they are easily accessible to children.

Also, take into account the distance between your shelves. Larger objects, such as cereal boxes, can fit in rooms with more space, aiding in better pantry organization. If your pantry shelves are movable, arrange them to match the kind of containers you frequently purchase.

Use transparent containers

A pantry that has busy packaging may appear cluttered. Decant dry ingredients into transparent canisters, taking off plastic bags or cardboard boxes first. Items with unusual shapes, such as chip bags and root vegetables, fit comfortably in bins instead of being carelessly packed on the shelf. To keep everything looking coherent, choose clear food storage containers.

You can move stuff around on empty shelves. Set up a spot in another part of your house to store any extras if you purchase bulk products. When necessary, move items to the pantry after that. Any professional housekeeping agency such as Muffetta’s Housekeeping, House Cleaning and Household Staffing Agency will suggest the same.

Pantry Cleaning Checklist


To ensure everyone in your household understands where things are located, label bins, containers, and shelves. Use chalkboard labels or a Bluetooth label maker for rapid labeling so you can easily change the writing.

Employ Doors

To create more shelf space, if your pantry has doors, hang organizers over them. These organizers frequently work well with canned items, spices, oils, and jars. Arranging your pantry will become easier this way.

Create a Child-Friendly Area

So that your kids can assist with putting goods away and getting something to eat, stock a bottom shelf with water bottles, snack containers, and cereal dispensers. Use bins with built-in dividers (like protein bars, fruit gummies, and crackers) to provide various healthful options. Labeling and visibility are essential for kids to maintain their organization.

Use more wall space

If you have it, wall space can ultimately affect how you ensure pantry organization. Non-food items like aprons, brooms, and reusable shopping bags can be stored on hooks. Another option is to carry garbage bags in a wall-mounted bag dispenser so you can quickly change the ones in the can.

Insert shelf liners

Boxes from toppling over and produce dropping through wire shelves can be avoided with shelf liners. Liners, such as oils and condiments, can also prevent moist materials from falling off the shelves and leaking into the floor.

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Develop a strategy for deep shelves

Deep shelves in pantries might be challenging. It’s simple to lose sight of what’s in the rear, which increases the likelihood that you’ll buy extra things you already own or take more time looking for what you need, making house cleaning more cumbersome.

Knowing what is stored at the back of deep shelves is impossible without a system. Experts advise installing a stacker or sliding rack that raises objects so they are visible to manage. If you aren’t utilizing bins or containers, experts advocate putting identical goods in a line. Even if you can’t see further back than the first two cans of jars, you’re aware of what’s in that row.

Depending on the available space, you can arrange taller items in the back, so they don’t tower over smaller stuff. Organizing your kitchen this way will be beneficial daily.

Keep going

After some time, your pantry may get disorderly. Always put things back where they belong to help keep your space tidy, and get the whole family on board by keeping food out and visible. To avoid spending hours arranging again, plan a short cleaning twice a month to ensure everything is current and properly positioned.

Keep in mind that having an Instagram-worthy pantry is not required

If you’ve spent any time on TikTok or Instagram, you might feel under pressure to buy plenty of clear containers, remove the original packing from all of your dry food, and add cute labels. The functionality of a pantry is more important than its aesthetic appeal when it comes to pantry organization.

Go ahead and live the Instagram pantry life if the never-ending joy of seeing goods in clear containers or avoiding visually distracting packaging is worth the time it takes to add the extra step of decanting and the cost of all the necessary containers. Life will go on just fine if you don’t decant anything if you’d prefer to spend your time doing something else.

Summing up – How To Organize Your Pantry

Maintaining a clean pantry is difficult, especially if you frequently buy food for a large household. The speed at which you can work in your kitchen can change, believe it or not if your pantry is well-organized. You’ll be motivated to keep your shelves organized with our collection of pantry organization ideas so that preparing weeknight meals and packing your children’s lunches will be hassle-free. We hope that was helpful.

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Here’s an little added bonus, Life tip.

How To Organize Your Pantry​

What order should a kitchen pantry be organized?

• Top shelves should be last.
• Begin with the easiest to access middle shelves.
• After the middle shelves, organize the bottom shelves.

Which items should be most reachable in my pantry?

• Your childs/partners favorite food!
• Canned soup
• Peanut butter
• Canned fruit / vegetables

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