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At Muffetta’s Housekeeping, a trusted provider of premium Household Staffing and Estate Staffing, we make sure that you can find all household staffing services and we can satisfy all your requirements all at once. Hence, we provide a variety of domestic staffing for your residence as well as for the office and corporate environment.

Our agency makes sure that you don’t have to look for any service elsewhere and that’s why our team comprises a variety of highly skilled and professionally trained staff members that have been through our rigorous interview process with meticulously checked references, and have gone through an in-depth background check.

We understand that your requirements vary with time, location and purposes. Today, you might need a nanny for your children, and tomorrow, you might have to look for a team of household managers, assistants, or support staff for your family function.

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Hence, we recruit all sorts of household staffing professionals like housekeepers, maids, estate managers, household event organizers, helping members, or nannies in our team who strive to deliver the most authentic services at your doorstep. Plus, be it occasional demands or daily services, we are always available for you. Learn more about our Household Staffing and Estate Staffing Services below.

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Housekeeping Staff & Maid Staff

Housekeeping is a job of trust and utmost responsibility. Plus, it is a well-known fact that every home is different and needs special candidates or a team of members for its maintenance. So, to make it work, we start with noting all your requirements and then select the right candidate for every home.
We pick the most hardworking and trained professionals for your homes who provide the highest quality services to you and simultaneously, develop a long-term relationship with your family.

Our housekeeping and maid staff performs all types of housekeeping jobs with extreme care and perseverance. Here are some of the positions where we offer housekeeping expertise

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A housekeepers’ fundamental duty is to maintain the hygiene and presentation of the home. Our well-trained housekeepers execute a number of tasks for making your home look clean, well-organized, and in its most presentable shape. Some of the duties of our housekeepers are-

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Executive/Head Housekeeper

If you own a large estate, then you must need a reliable executive or head housekeeper. She/He is the one who manages the performance of all housekeepers and is directly responsible for all the housekeeping activities in the house.

Our experienced head housekeepers have an eye for the details and hold extensive knowledge about how a home can appear its best and function in the most organized way.

Some of the duties that our head housekeeper offers are scheduling the work of outside contractors, vendors, or service providers and planning all the events at the home, along with supervising all the housekeeping staff members.

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Housecleaner/Housekeeping Attendant

A house cleaning or housekeeping attendant is the one wholly responsible for cleaning every section of your home with full preciseness and efficiency.
The duties of a housecleaner are to work under the orders of a housekeeper or an executive, clean the entire house and maintain all the material and surfaces. Plus, he/she has to perform other chores where some help is needed.

Laundress Service

We also provide high-quality laundress service for making your clothes look perfect, ensuring that you turn heads when you move in your circle. The main duty of a laundress is to clean, wash, iron, and organize the clothes and linens of the homeowners. You might feel that this is an uncomplicated task and also wonder why you need a professional laundress to take care of your clothes when you can do it by yourself or through your housekeeper.

The answer is – expert output. Our professional laundry service providers know how to clean every piece of clothing in the house without damaging the fabric. They wash every piece of clothing with uttermost care and perfection and take care of all your sophisticated fabrics. Plus, they know how to organize the clothes in the closet in the best way possible.

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Estate Household Staffing

A home can function with the help of a single housekeeper or two but an estate demands an excellent housekeeping staff team. That’s why we offer a whole array of estate staffing services, particularly for private estates.

Here are some of the positions where our experts come in and manage your house/estates for you –

Estate Manager

An estate manager is a person who directs all the activities in the estate or even takes most of the decisions about the operation of the state.
An estate is unlike any simple household and requires way more complex management skills than a single home. That’s why we offer you an estate manager with an efficient set of management skills, knowledge, and experience.
Our most skilled estate managers for your estates not just manage the operations of the estate but also become your profitable asset if your estate is a business.

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Along with supervising housekeeping heads and housekeepers, the estate managers manage other responsibilities as well. For example –

Caretaker/Domestic Couple

When it comes to offering complete care to your estate, there is nothing better than a trained domestic couple.

In our household staffing services, we also offer you a homely “Domestic couple” who understands all the requirements of a home and does their best to make your home feels like a home with utmost care and responsibility.

Their duties include overall maintenance of the home and regular jobs like painting, gardening, plumbing, or overseeing the upkeep of your vehicles.

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Houseman is a job that requires skills, strength, and friendliness. So for your utter convenience, we provide you with our skilled houseman who does all the tough tasks in the home like repairing things or moving heavy items like beds or any furniture in the house.

Whatever task requires some muscles or strength like washing walls, ceilings, polishing the floor, our housemen complete the task with full responsibility. Plus, they also help in a variety of other activities like preparing food, disposal of trash, responding to colleagues, or some other errands. Similarly, we offer the highest quality other professionals like chefs, caretakers, groundskeepers/gardeners, and personal assistants for you and your estate.

Whatever your demands, be it short-term or long-term, you can contact us and find the right solution. Our trained professionals work with high professionalism and enthusiastically deliver the finest services to you.

Family Assistant

The role of a Family Assistant, or an all-rounder, as it is commonly called, is a duty that includes a list of said and unsaid responsibilities. From cleaning your shoes to your car or assisting with your bags, an all-rounder has to assist you with everything. We offer family assistant services in the area and make sure that your home gets a highly skilled all-rounder assistant.

Our experienced family assistants perform a lot of duties that might include assisting other housekeepers, taking care of the property, doing maintenance tasks, helping with some administrative activities, or doing some small jobs like cleaning after meals, a bit gardening, organizing closets, etc.  Our expert assistants do it all!

All Rounder and Family Assistant in Westchester NY, Orange County NY, Rockland County, Manhattan, New York City and surrounding areas.

Personal Assistant

If you are looking for a personal assistant or a secretary for successfully handling your daily routine, then you can get one in a quick snap. Contact us!
Our professional personal assistants will manage all your meetings, appointments, and make all the daily engagements super convenient for you. Our personal assistants are fully trained in social skills as well as technical operations like working on computers, managing inventories, maintaining social calendars, and helping you with all the arrangements.

Nannies and Children Care

Our next specialization is childcare and for this task, we select highly experienced and professional child care experts.

We know how much you care about your young ones and that you want the best nanny for them. Plus, we also understand that the job of a nanny isn’t limited to taking care of newborns or tutoring kids. It is a vast job that demands complete care towards the growth and development of the child. For the same, a nanny has to become a true companion to the child.

Hence, we select nannies with certified experience, education, and essential certifications. Our skilled nannies are not just professionally trained to perform their tasks but also devoted to providing the finest care to your young ones. They perform all the duties that lead to a child’s development like organizing activities, preparing meals, keeping their rooms clean, or getting involved in games or arts/crafts.

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Our childcare services are available in many options like newborn baby care specialists where the nanny has to do everything like assisting the new mother with tasks like breastfeeding or bathing the baby and changing diapers. The job also includes activities like organizing the nursery of the baby, washing the baby’s clothes and linens, and basically doing everything for the safety and growth of the baby.

Plus, we also offer Doulas/Postpartum Doulas services for young mothers. Our non-medical staff will stay with the mother-to-be in this service and assist her with all the tasks before or after her delivery. They will also help the mothers with much-needed emotional support and take utter care of their physical and mental health.

Along with that, you can contact us for nannies according to your personal requirements and we fulfill that by providing our specialized childcare experts for every purpose be it tutoring, summer nannies, vacation babysitting, homework helpers, or on-call babysitters.

Elderly Care Service

We understand that your tight schedule doesn’t allow you to spend every moment with your elders. Even if you want to, you have to stay away from them and invest your time in other work, your career, etc. At such times, taking care of elders becomes quite difficult and it is the spot where we come in and relieve you of all the stress.
We offer eldercare specialists who not only help your elders in all aspects and take care of them but at the same time, become their friends and companions.
Our elder care service staff comes in several forms such as –

elder care home care
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Our caregivers or personal attendants provide regular assistance to your elderly people. Similarly, they also take care of chronically ill, recovering patients, mentally disabled, physically challenged family members, or hospice patients.

Our caregivers are highly trained to offer services such as running errands, personal care like bathing or changing clothes, managing transportation, assisting with walking and light exercise, or preparing and planning meals and cleaning up.

Support Staff

Our professionals are also available for performing several duties like Long-Term/24 Hour Care, Ambulatory Care, Hospice Care, or Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care. In these specialized duties, our support service team takes care of the patients, performs all their chores, and helps them in their daily activities.
One special responsibility that we also offer for your elders is a Social Care Program. We understand that getting familiar with modern technology can be challenging for our elders but once they learn it, it becomes their favorite tool to connect with their loved ones. It does not just make them connected with the rest of the world but also makes them happy and independent.
Our social care experts teach your elders how to use social media, get familiar with technology and how they can stay connected with their friends or family.

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Home Health Aid & Travel Companions

At Muffetta’s, we ensure that your elders are properly taken care of and at the same time, they are enjoying their time in activities that they love to do.  We offer special home health aids that keep records of daily medicines, remind patients about medicines, and assist with a team of professional medical experts. Plus, they spend regular quality time with the elders at their home and encourage their self-care and daily living.

Similarly, we know that even if you want to travel with your parents, you might not always get the time to take them out or accompany them to an important medical appointment or to catch a flight to the airport That’s why we also offer the facility of responsible travel companions for your elders.

Our proficient companions will befriend your elders and take care of their traveling needs. So be it a shopping tour, a walk to a nearby park, or an appointment with a medico, your elders will always have someone reliable with them. Plus, if they suffer from any medical complexity, our companions will also take care of that and relieve you of all the tension.

At Muffettas, we understand your requirements and offer elderly care or medical care service according to your needs. For example, if you need respite care, part-time care, or support care options, we deliver everything according to your needs. You can always contact us, share with us your requirements and our friendly team will give you the best possible solution.

Event Help & Function Staff

Imagine you have a party at your home and your regular housekeeping staff is unable to take care of the grand celebration and all of a sudden you need a team of people that can make your event successful. At that time, you don’t have to fret about anything. We also offer special event help and function staff who will prepare for your event and make it successful. All our candidates are fully professional and well trained to make such events memorable.

We offer services every step of the way, from cleaning the place and preparing the party to make the place presentable.  Our function staff professionals include several members like cleaning staff for arranging your home before the event and cleaning the party place after the show is done, or professional chefs, bartenders, servers, or kitchen helpers who can entertain your guests with the finest quality food and services.

Besides that, we also offer special function nanny services. Our trained professionals will take care of the children when the event is on so that you and your guests can fully enjoy the moment and your kids also don’t feel left out or alone.


At Muffetta’s Domestic Assistants, our priority is to meet the requirements of our clients and provide the exact service that they are looking for. So, be it an on-call babysitter, a housemaid for your estate, or a special caregiver for your ill patient at home, we provide domestic help for every sort of domestic or corporate environment. Plus, years of industry experience has taught us that domestic staffing is more than a conventional job that just needs certain professional skills and training. Rather, it is a special job that requires impeccable skills as well as devotion, hard work, and connectivity with a particular place, people, and family.

That’s why, all of our candidates go through a meticulous selection process that consists of interviews and background checks so that when the candidates reach your home, they can develop a long-term relationship with you.  So, if you are searching for “Domestic staffing near me” on Google, you can simply contact Muffetta’s Household Staffing Agency and get the most reliable Household Staffing or Estate Staffing for your home.

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