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A trusted provider of Household Staffing Services. We offer our clients an array of services for private residences and also corporate. At Muffetta’s Domestic Assistants, we understand the demands of your busy lifestyle and the need for household staff.

It is important to for Muffetta’s to achieve the continued satisfaction of our clients through us placing top notch candidates and  the offering of continued support after placement. Our top priority is to deliver experienced, quality candidates for long-term employment with each client. The only way to ensure exceptional performance by the household staff is by selecting only qualified candidates through our rigorous interview process, meticulously checking references, and running an in-depth background check prior to sending a household private staffing candidate to your home. Start now.

Estate Manager

An Estate Manager is an extension of the owner and oftentimes is their representative and key decision maker. This person is also responsible for the upkeep and daily running of the estate. Listed below are some of the key requirements of an Estate Manager.

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Household Manager/Majordomo

A Household Manager predominantly works in a private home and some of the responsibilities of a Household Manager are:

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Chefs take care of all matters relating to the purchasing of foods and associated commodities, menu planning, preparation, cooking and presentation of food. Cooks generally have experience in all of the above but lack formal training.

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A Houseman is primarily responsible for the heavy housework. Among the responsibilities of the houseman are:

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Caretaker/Domestic Couple

Has full charge of the outside and inside maintenance of the home.. This is most often a live-in position. The role of the domestic couple is to provide domestic services to another individual or family in that family’s home and is often times a live in role. Duties of this role includes:

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A Gardener may have a degree in horticulture, and cares for formal gardens, lawns, shrubs, flowers and other gardens. Many have greenhouse experience as well. This job can also be combined with a caretaker position. Duties of a Groundskeeper/Gardener includes:

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Personal Assistant

A Personal Assistant or Private Secretary is responsible for the day-to-day running of a busy client’s life. Keeping his/her diary, arranging and monitoring appointments, correspondence and more. Whether home or office based, the Personal Assistant requires more than good secretarial skills. Diplomacy and tact are essential. Here are a few of the duties of a Personal Assistant:

Muffetta's Domestic Assistants provides you with Highly Rated Maids, Groundskeeper, Chef, Caretaker, Household Manager Housekeeper in Westchester NY, Manhattan, New York City & surrounding areas.