Cleaning different types of furniture
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Everyday housekeeping chores can sometimes be a task and a half. On the other hand, cleaning is sometimes one of the easiest and most satisfying chores to do. One household item that needs cleaning at intervals in furniture. For years, families invest a lot into their furniture. Whether they are pieces passed down from loved ones, or unique items bought at yard sales. All our furniture is not made from the same fabric; therefore, they need different care. To help you understand how to care for the different furniture types in your home, read below:

  • Wood Furniture

You first need to identify the type of finish of the wood before you decide on the cleaning method. A common rule of thumb is to use of a lint-free cloth to clean your furniture daily. Additionally, using the same method and cleaning product for each clean, on either oil- or wax-based furniture; will help to prevent paint smudges. It is also highly recommended that you wipe the grain off the wood in the same direction to prevent the grain from being disturbed.

  • Upholstered Furniture

It is important to keep upholstered furniture out of direct sunlight as most fabrics fade. Vacuum of surfaces weekly is also beneficial. This ensures surfaces are kept clean and free from build-up. Flipping cushions and washing pillows regularly is also beneficial as it ensures that both sides wear evenly. For added protection, upholstered furniture can be covered to carefully help repel spots and stains.

  • Leather Furniture

Leather is one of the more durable, low-maintenance surfaces for home furnishings. Wear and tear, of course, is inevitable. Keeping your leather furniture in good condition is relatively simple. This is so if you follow the proper steps based on the type of leather furniture you have. Generally, to clean and remove dirt or mild stains, you can use a vacuum or a damp cloth to wipe and remove the dirt from the surface. Be sure to dry the area with a separate piece of cloth to avoid damage. There are also specific creams that can aid in the cleaning process and polishing process. These, however, have to be used according to the fabric type and should be given great consideration before attempting.

Different furniture pieces require a different cleaning method. In particular, when made with different fabric type. These are general cleaning tips and in the event that a more in-depth cleaning is needed, we are happy to help you keep your furniture in optimal condition by applying our expertise. Contact us today and let’s talk!


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