Why experts swear by the ‘6/10 cleaning method’ for a spotless home

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Homes & Gardens: Why experts swear by the ‘6/10 cleaning method’ for a spotless home

Muffetta shares some expert tips for keeping a spotless home using the 6/10 cleaning method.
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Muffetta Krueger, cleaning expert and founder of Muffetta’s Domestic Assistants advises, ‘Start by identifying the key areas or tasks you want to address during your 6/10 cleaning routine. Make a list of daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning goals to stay organized.’

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Why Experts Swear by the '6/10 Cleaning Method' for a Spotless Home

A spotless home is often considered the gold standard of cleanliness, a testament to one’s commitment to maintaining a pleasant and healthy environment. But with so many cleaning methods, tools, and strategies available, determining the best approach can be overwhelming. Enter the ‘6/10 Cleaning Method’— a technique that experts across the cleaning industry have been raving about. But what makes this method stand out, and why are cleaning gurus swearing by it? Let’s dive in.

Understanding the '6/10 Cleaning Method'

The ‘6/10 Cleaning Method’ is a systematic approach to home cleaning. Instead of tackling an entire room or a large space all at once, this technique breaks down the cleaning process into six core tasks that are executed for ten minutes each. This ensures focus, efficiency, and above all, thoroughness. By dedicating short, intense bursts of time to each task, homeowners can achieve more in less time.

The Six Core Tasks of the Method


Importance: Dust accumulates rapidly and can pose health risks like allergies. Removing it is paramount to maintain a clean atmosphere at home.

Approach: Before diving into any wet cleaning, always start with dusting. Using tools like microfiber cloths, which are known to trap and lift dust particles efficiently, or extendable dusters can aid in effectively removing dust from various surfaces, electronics, and hard-to-reach areas like ceiling fans or tall shelves. Remember to work from top to bottom to ensure you don’t have to redo any areas.


Importance: Ground surfaces can be the biggest collectors of dirt and debris, especially if you have carpets or rugs.

Approach: Depending on your flooring, choose to vacuum or sweep. For carpets and rugs, a good vacuum with a HEPA filter can not only pick up dirt but also microscopic allergens. For hardwood, tile, or other hard surfaces, a gentle sweep with a soft-bristled broom can effectively gather larger debris, preparing the floor for a subsequent mopping or washing.

Surface Cleaning

Importance: Surfaces often become the resting spots for not just dust, but also bacteria and germs.

Approach: For a comprehensive clean, wipe down surfaces using appropriate cleaners tailored to the material of the surface. This includes countertops made of granite or marble, glass tabletops, wooden desks, and other flat areas. Don’t forget high-touch areas like kitchen counters that might be contaminated with food particles.

Spot Cleaning

Importance: Many cleaning routines miss out on the little spots, but these often-touched areas can harbor a lot of germs.

Approach: Pay special attention to areas that are often overlooked. This could be light switches, which are touched multiple times a day, door handles, both on the inside and outside, baseboards that accumulate a surprising amount of dust and grime, or even areas like faucet handles in the bathroom or kitchen.


Importance: A cluttered space is not only aesthetically unpleasing but can also contribute to feelings of stress or overwhelm.

Approach: Take ten minutes to address the disarray. This could mean straightening out magazines on a coffee table, putting away stray toys, organizing mail or paperwork into neat stacks or folders, or even clearing out items that have found their way to countertops or tables but don’t belong there.

Final Touches

Importance: Once the primary cleaning is done, adding a few final touches can make your home feel even more welcoming and complete.

Approach: This could involve cleaning, fluffing and straightening up cushions or throw pillows on sofas, placing fresh flowers in a vase for a burst of nature and fragrance, arranging books neatly on a shelf, or adding any other finishing touches that elevate the appearance and vibe of a room, making it not just clean but also cozy.

Why the '6/10 Cleaning Method' Stands Out

Advantages of the Technique


By setting a strict ten-minute limit for each task, you’re encouraged to work more efficiently. You’ll be amazed at what can be accomplished in such a short span when you’re focused.

Less Overwhelming

Instead of looking at a dirty room and feeling overwhelmed, the ‘6/10 method’ breaks the job down into manageable tasks. It’s easier to start cleaning when you know it’s just for ten minutes.


By sticking to this method, cleaning becomes a consistent part of your routine. This regularity ensures that no area of your home is neglected for too long.


The ‘6/10 Cleaning Method’ is more than just a cleaning strategy; it’s a mindset shift. Instead of viewing cleaning as a monumental, exhausting task, it reframes it into bite-sized, manageable portions. With its efficiency and effectiveness, it’s no wonder that cleaning experts and homemakers alike are adopting this method for a spotless home. So, the next time you’re facing the daunting task of cleaning, give the ‘6/10 Cleaning Method’ a try. Your home will thank you!

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